Starship Enterprise VM

An in-depth look at the Starship version of Windows 7 Enterprise, focusing on the reduced footprint. It’s not an official video, more just a practice and proof of concept. The idea is to show concrete evidence of the benefits of using our tuned systems. Comparing Windows 7 Enterprise (updated ISO) to Starship 7 Enterprise (Beta version) Part … Continue reading

Alien (1979) Remaster and H265 encode project

I decided that the quality of the BluRay of Alien was so bad I had to go and “remaster” it. The result is an 8GB h265 (10-bit) which was produced after denoising the entire movie with some subtle colour correction (not scene by scene). So what was wrong with the original? Terrible encode using H264, but … Continue reading

2013 Global Forum in Trieste

The Global Forum is an annual, high-level event for the world’s leading thinkers and doers to shake up their ideas. I’ve been a regular there since 2006 and have a good relationship with the organisers who are very supportive of me and my work. We are currently attempting to bring the Forum to Ibiza in … Continue reading

2012 Noisia logo animation and Dubstep mix

This was an experiment to make an audio-reactive logo animation, it wasn’t made for Noisia but was fun to make 🙂 80520 frames (with 5 renders per frame = 402600 total images) reacting to the music via 3 separate channels (bass/mid/treble) to make the object react in different axes. I made the mix also, starts … Continue reading

2012 A talk series based around various topics

This was an experiment of a short series of discussions – purely opinion-based. I hope to develop on this idea and create a show out of it. The episodes are: E01 Education and Learning E02 Government and Politics E03 Money and Corporations E04 Nationality and Identity E05 Science and Technology E06 Gaming and Entertainment