2015 Alien (1979) Remaster and H265 encode project

The quality of the BluRay of Alien was pretty bad so I felt compelled to go and “remaster” it. The result is an 8GB h265 (10-bit) which was produced after denoising the entire movie with some subtle colour correction (not scene by scene). So what was wrong with the original? Noisy source, encode using H264, … Continue reading

2013 Global Forum in Trieste

The Global Forum is an annual, high-level event for the world’s leading thinkers and doers to shake up their ideas. I’ve been a regular there since 2006 and have a good relationship with the organisers who are very supportive of me and my work. We are currently attempting to bring the Forum to Ibiza in … Continue reading

2012 Noisia logo animation and Dubstep mix

This was an experiment to make an audio-reactive logo animation, it wasn’t made for Noisia but was fun to make 🙂 80520 frames (with 5 renders per frame = 402600 total images) reacting to the music via 3 separate channels (bass/mid/treble) to make the object react in different axes. I made the mix also, starts … Continue reading

2012 A talk series based around various topics

This was an experiment of a short series of discussions – purely opinion-based. I hope to develop on this idea and create a show out of it. The episodes are: E01 Education and Learning E02 Government and Politics E03 Money and Corporations E04 Nationality and Identity E05 Science and Technology E06 Gaming and Entertainment

2011 Sandbox teaser video

This video is a promotional material to give an idea of the Sandbox project. I made the interviews, edited the video, produced the effects and post processing (but not the animations). The music is from an anonymous friend (used with permission)..