“”You say you want some hope for the future? You’ll find it in the likes of Mr. Pras Anand
and his Social Computer. Hope depends not on the many who follow along in the dusty ruts
that their elders carve out for them.

It depends on the few who have imagination and the capacity to articulate fresh new ways of
thinking and doing. Pras’s Social Computer is not only interesting in terms of social theory, as a
theoretical model of society itself.

More importantly, it focuses the search for change and reform in concrete mechanisms for
democratic social interactions. Mr. Anand is a doer. Theory is not enough for him. He has his
sights on the real world and we are all fortunate for that. Clearly, this project deserves support
as a matter of the highest priority.”.” March 5, 2007

Daniel Rosen, CEO Vox Populii Systems, NevadaVoteDirect
was with NevadaVoteDirect when working with Pras at Sandbox

“Pras is a remarkable entrepreneur with an expansive mind and keen insight. I so enjoy every
time we meet because I always learn something new and valuable. And I do look forward to
seeing him succeed with his ideas. They are inspiring and real, from a great thinker with a great
heart.” November 11, 2010
Steven Adler, Chief Information Strategist, IBM
was at IBM when working with Pras at Sandbox

“Pras is a deep conceptual thinker, he taps into dimensions of feeling and thought that most
people don’t have time for, never dared to go there, or didn’t even realise existed his expertise
lies in the cross over between his long and intuitive relationship with computers since he was a
wee lad, and his unique understandings and reinterpretation of society. This is particularly
evident in his radical re-thinking of societal disfunctionality and how to help heal the deep
systemic structures and patterns of society.” March 24, 2012

Christopher Moller, Christopher Moller Architecture
hired Pras as a creative consultant in 2008, and hired Pras more than once


“Very creative and original thinker with a still-too-rare skillset.” March 24, 2006

Mathew Lowry, Online Communication Strategist
was with European Commission when working with Pras at Social Computer


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