2011 Ibiza Style Magazine – making of a shoot with Chantae Vertrice

This video was made as a contribution to an article about a friend in Ibiza. I also used one of my own tunes for the first half of the video.


2008 Vincente Sahuc made a version of his video (New York) with one of my piano-style breakbeat tunes

Via I received a video made by Vincente Sahuc with one of my tunes that he reworked a little for the video. It suits really well I think. The original video was made with a different tune (U2 I think) and can be seen on his website..


2007 PDB design showreel

This video is a presentation of video and images from a design company which I edited to one of my own tracks (Too Young). All of them had to be extensively processed to conform them to the correct resolutions or to create realistic camera motion (in the case of stills).

Examples of the processing used

1 Taking huge stills, and then placing them in a 3D application with a camera to create the motion while maintaining field-order and accurate sub-pixel representation (after-effects didn’t have the precision necessary).

2 The videos may have been rendered without anti-aliasing, or in the case of high-contrast noisy areas (such as grass or trees) there was unacceptable moire-shimmering noise so temporal smoothing was applied to improve the overall compressed result.

I also produced the PDB design logo at the beginning, the one at the end is by Jaap Dankert.


2002 inbred:TV Blueprint 2002 – Case study for PeerToPeer learning workshops


This is a project that follows on from the previous inbred:TV event. It’s more focused on the peer-to-peer learning aspects of the research I was doing and turned out as a very successful and rewarding event for everyone involved.

My roles where

Creative Direction, Technical support, Contributing Artist, Flyer design (one of 4 different designers who each made one side of 2 separate flyers).

As an artist I contributed the animated inbred:TV logos, a musical performance (with collaborations), video production for the event and the editing of the outcoming presentation video.

2000 Freestyle Junkies stuff

A music demo with a small selection of tracks from our art collective: Freestyle Junkies. I was exploring how to edit, but at that time was more focused on freaking around with visuals.

Here are some of the flyers I made in the previous few years for Freestyle Junkies events.



1997 An evening with Jean Jacques Perrey


“in recent years, arts collective vibration obscure have mined the rich veins of audio archaeology, to generate future environments of sound & vision. we are honoured to present an exclusive UK appearance from jean jacques perrey. a pioneer of the moog synthesiser, perrey’s 1970 classic ‘e.v.a.’ was adopted by lucozade as the soundtrack to their tv ads campaign, & remixed by fatboy slim (norman cook). as a musical scientist, perrey spent a lifetime researching the therapeutic effects of sound upon human & animal species. as a scientific musician he arranged musique concrete into rhythmic loops in the 1960s, discovering sampling techniques before the invention of sampling technology. a collaborative audio-visual project addressing the consequences of electronic frequencies.”


This was his first project out-of-retirement (in May 1997) before going on to work on the Moon Safari album with Air, and projects with DJ Shadow and other well-known musicians. For more information on Jean-Jacques you can check out his Wikipedia entry or see this Biography.

My Roles in this project:

  • Remake/Reinterpret 45 minutes of audio from the artist – Jean Jacques Perrey
  • Edited the visuals for the performance (45minutesx2screens) with Sandy Milroy who created the 8mm footage and analogue visuals.
  • Realtime audio-responsive visuals based on the dos program Cthuga
  • Edit the above video (on a 200MHz Pentium processor using Premiere 4.2) including the logo animation (Lightwave 3D) and some other visual stuff (Photoshop and Cthuga)