2013 Global Forum in Trieste

The Global Forum is an annual, high-level event for the world’s leading thinkers and doers to shake up their ideas. I’ve been a regular there since 2006 and have a good relationship with the organisers who are very supportive of me and my work. We are currently attempting to bring the Forum to Ibiza in 2015 and to see if I can present the Social Computer there in 2014 or 2015.

More information about the forum


2011 Sandbox teaser video

This video is a promotional material to give an idea of the Sandbox project. I made the interviews, edited the video, produced the effects and post processing (but not the animations). The music is from an anonymous friend (used with permission)..

2011 Rock’n’Mola Ibiza with Deva Models tryouts

I bumped into Eva accidentally and had an hour or so to kill before I had to go and film something. She told me they were doing a fashion show as a try-out for 5 new girls in Ibiza so I offered to make a little film. Unfortunately I had to leave before the actual catwalk because it was delayed. It makes a good demo of my process I think, where the timing comes together almost by accident. It took 1 hour to film and about 8 hours to edit.